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The Name Barbara

My Name is Barbara – However What Does Barbara Mean?Barbara. What does the name Barbara actually imply? what’ in a name? If you are searching for a name for a child lady or presents for somebody called Barbara you require to understand a bit more about the history of the name, the name significances and who else has actually been called Barbara.
I started to check out names, the significance of names and infant name styles and I discovered everything definitely interesting. My name is Barbara. Not a popular infant name at the minute (names like Ava, Olivia, Emma and Grace are leading infant women names for 2013) however I’d risk a guess that it will not be long prior to Barbara makes a come-back with brand-new moms and dads picking infant names.
This is for all the other Barbaras out there, (and for Babras as the name is often spelled ‘Barbra’ as in Barbra Streisand) for any infant Barbaras and for anybody searching for a present for Barbara. I have actually had a look at the origins of the name, at popular individuals called Barbara and at the significance of the name and diminutives of Barbara – although personally I dislike to be called Babs or, even worse still, Barbie!
What does Barbara imply to you?What Does Barbara Mean?Diminutive of Barbara: from the Greek Barbaros Significance Foreign or Strange, Tourist from a Foreign Land, unique. Complete stranger, Cold, Distant, IdealisticAs a name, Barbara is Latin and actually suggests “foreign female,” from the word “barbarus” or foreign. This word itself is of Greek origin; it originated from a fabricated word “bar-bar” to suggest the noise of non-Greeks talking in various languages (the name Barbara still exists in modern-day Greek, noticable var-VAR-a.) The word “barbarian” plainly originates from this root too, and shows the ancients’ skepticism of foreigners.Barbara is Famous!Famous individuals called Barbara or Barbra
Barbra Streisand: Vocalist and acress. All of us enjoy Barbara Striesand motion pictures!
Barbara Stanwyck: Filmstar
Barbara Castle: UK Labour polititcian and socialist
Barbara Hepworth: Carver
Barbara McClintock: geneticist
Barbara Dickson
Barbara Bradford Taylor (often called Barbara Taylor): Author
Barbara Cartland: Author. Barbara Cartland is popular for her steam bodice-ripper novelettes
Barbara Mori
Barbara Kingsolver
Barbara Walter
Barbara De Angelis
Author, Barbara Bush: First Woman of America, better half of George Bush
More Famous Individuals Called BarbaraExclusive Present Styles for BarbaraPersonalize these name presents for Barbara
This is my variety of special name present styles for Barbara and the presents vary from mouse pads to T T-shirts, clocks, mugs – an entire variety of charming things. Remember you can include your own text and images to make these presents actually unique. You’ll discover many charming presents for Barbara at my online Zazzle store LouLou Arts.Queen BarbaraYes, Barbara is a royal name
Prior to composing this post I’d never ever become aware of a Queen Barbara, today I have actually discovered 3!
The Queen visualized here is Queen Barbara of Portugal (Maria Madalena Barbara Xavier Leonor Teresa Antnia Josefa (Dates 1711 – 1758) was a princess, (or infanta) of Portugal and when she wed Ferdinand VI of Spain aged simply eighteen, she ended up being Queen of Spain.
Barbara of Cilli (1392 – 1451) was a Hungarian who was likewise called “Barbara of Celje”) She wed the Holy Roman Emperor, Sigismund, therefore ended up being the Holy Roman Empress. By marital relationship marital relationship she was likewise Queen of Hungary and Bohemia.
Barbara Radziwitt – Barbora Radvilaitė in Lithuanian – (1520 – 1551)was the Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania as accompaniment to Sigismund II Augustus. Barbara was Lithuanian and was thought about to be among the most gorgeous females in Europe.Barbara: Your Saints Day is December 4Who was Saint Barbara?
St. Barbara is a ‘Protectress Versus Fire and Lightning’ and is the tutelary saint of artillerymen and anybody included with gunpowder and dynamites.
The Story of Saint Barbara
Barbara was the child of Dioscuros, an abundant and effective pagan called who resided in Nikomedia, now modern-day Turkey. To keep her from the eyes of guys, her dad locked her in a tower with 2 windows when he was far from house. When he got here back after among his journeys, he discovered that Barbara had actually included a 3rd window. When her dad questioned her, she confessed that she had actually transformed to Christianity which the 3rd window was put in location to represent the Holy Trinity. She had actually privately been baptized by a priest impersonating a doctor. Not just this, however Barbara had actually declined to wed suitors that her dad had actually proposed.
Her furious dad then drew his sword to eliminate her, however Barbara wished magnificent intervention and a wall in her tower opened and she discovered herself on a mountain side with 2 shepherds viewed their flocks. When her dad overtook her the very first shepherd safeguarded her, however the 2nd betrayed Barbara and was turned to stone and his flock were changed into locusts.
Barbara was then tortured by the prefect of the province, Martinianus however by night she was bathed in light and every early morning the injuries from abuse were recovered. Torches planned to burn her headed out and lastly she was condemned to death by beheading, performed by her dad who was struck by lightning and his body was taken in by flame.
The day of her death is expected to be December 5 in the year 267. Barbara was buried by a Christian, Valentinus, her burial place ending up being the website of a string of wonders.
You can acknowledge pictures of Saint Barbara, since she is revealed holding a little tower or standing near a tower, and holding a chalice and possibly the palm of martyrdom.
Saint Barbara and the cherry branch
Whilst she was secured the tower, Saint Barbara kept a cherry branch and it is stated that on the day she passed away, the cherry branch progressed. The custom of “Barbarazweig,” originates from this. Cherry branches are brought into your house on December the fourth in the hope that they will flower at Christmas.Barbara by Christian Petzold – I’m considering movies about popular BarbarasNot that lots of come to mind. I’m not going to take a look at movies starring starlets called Barbara, however rather I’m searching for heroines with that name. Christian Petzold ‘s movie (2012) called Barbara is one movie. The heroine, played by Nina Hoss, is an East German paediatrician who is transferred to the provinces when she obtains a visa to the west.Barbarella is an ancient (1968) sci-fi movie and Jane Fonda plays Barbarella.Barbara Gordon is Batgirl. Child of James Gordon, Gotham City Authorities Commissioner ended up being Batman’s partner and Batgirl. She later on ended up being the Commissioner of the Gotham Authorities Department herself.Where worldwide is Barbara? – Barbara’s unique placesBarbara: ancient area in the Horn of AfricaBarbara: a town in ItalyBarbara: a previous Palestinian town near GazaSanta Barbara County, CaliforniaSanta Barbara, City, CaliforniaChoose your Child’s Name – Countless infant names to select fromI utilized The Guinness Book of Names to select my boy’s name however this book has many more names to select from.Good Suggestions for Picking the Name of Your Child – An increased by any other name ….An increased by any other name would smell as sweet? what if roses were called ‘Stinking Hellebours’? Would we run the risk of smelling them to discover? Take a few of this terrific suggestions when picking the name of your infant:Barbara in Songs – Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys and Barbara Allen by Johnny CashYour name tune Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys – This is definitely ensured to bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye!Barbara Allen is a popular, conventional ballad coming from England and Scotland. There are lots of variations however the main story is of a boy who is refused by Barbara Allen and passes away. She then regrets her behaviour and she then passes away of a damaged heart.Top 10 names for girlsThe top 10 women names in the United States 2011 and much of these are still going strong in 2013. The order has actually altered somewhat although in 2012 Emma was still tops. In Britain Ava is on the top of the list at the minute. Barbara is not among them. An old and prominent name, it has actually never ever been a typical one – even more factor to think of picking Barbara as a name for your infant.
(Names from Child Centre)Barbie Dolls are World Famous – Purchase a Barbie doll for your BarbaraBarbie was ‘born’ in 1959. Her ‘Mum’ is Ruth Handler, co-founder of the American toy-company Mattel, together with her other half Elliot Handler. The terrific aspect of Barbie was that she was among the very first teenage style dolls. She was called Barbie, after their child, Barbara. Barbie has her very own imaginary bio so we understand that her complete name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. In the 1960s a series of books were released by Random Home which filled out the information of her life. (See listed below for more information).Naturally, all of us understand about Barbie’s sweetheart, Ken who initially appeared in 1961. This relationship has had its ups and downs, (well, which relationship does not?). At the time of composing I’m not precisely sure if it’s on or off!Have a take a look at the 5 terrific Barbies that I have actually picked. naturally there are much more Barbie dolls to pick from so get picking your gorgeous barbie present now.

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