10 Best Baby Products to Sell in 2019-2. Baby Hip Seat

Baby Hip SeatOne of the most popular baby products is baby carriers. Search volume for the keyword “baby carrier” has been more or less stable for a few years with peak season occurring around June.

However, to keep up with trends, manufacturers have been altering the design of baby carriers like this baby hip seat which allows parents to comfortably carry their baby on their hip while they stand without having to use both of their arms.

To get more eyeballs on your baby hip seat during the peak June season, you’ll want to start your SEO strategy now.

If your entire store is catered to the baby products niche, you can build out blog content that’ll better attract your audience. You can create content twice a week around topics such as “How to Hold a Baby” which has 4,400 monthly searches – low enough for a new blog.

As your blog grows over the next few months from your continued content you can start creating content around higher volume words like “baby carrier.” But in the meantime, to capitalize on sales earlier, you can share those blog posts on Twitter, Facebook groups, or relevant baby forums.

As long as you have a Facebook pixel and retargeting ad running in the background, you can monetize your blog content more affordably while attracting qualified traffic to your website. You can then use this data to create lookalike audiences when you start creating standard Facebook ads.

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