10 Best Baby Products to Sell in 2019-1. Baby Wrap Blanket

Help your customers swaddle up their bundle of joy in this baby wrap blanket and hat combo. The cotton blanket comes in a range of cute designs, including sharks, dinosaurs, sloths and cupcakes. In the past six months, it’s had hundreds of orders, proving that it’s a must-have for many new parents.Baby Wrap Blanket

The best baby products are often both cute and practical, making them irresistible to new parents. This baby wrap blanket is perfect for new parents to tuck their babies in during the colder winter months.

If you check out Google Trends, they show a skyrocketing search volume for “swaddle blanket” proving that this blanket and others out there will continue to be popular throughout 2019.

Marketing your baby products can be done on visual platforms like Facebook and Instagram. When marketing on Facebook, you can target women who’ve recently given birth.

You can post pictures of a baby in the baby wrap blanket similar to the one above to help them imagine what it’d be like to have their baby in the same blanket. You can also reach out to new moms with big followings on Instagram and compensate them for sharing custom photos of your product with their audience. This will help you attract more sales.

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