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  • Sep 3,2019
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The Itzbeen Baby Timer: A New Parent\’s Best Friend

Timer To Assist Track Your Newborn’s CareHow long has it been because the infant’s diaper was altered? Because she consumed? The length of time because he slept? Which side did the infant nurse on last?
Sleep denied brand-new moms and dads attempt to keep an eye on all those things with blended outcomes. This cool infant device makes that a lot easier.
We got the Itzbeen as a present when our second infant was born. It truly assisted and has actually rapidly turned into one of our preferred infant equipment products.
Update: This gadget was just recently re-branded and is now called the “Pocket Baby-sitter by Itzbeen”. So if you see it under that name, it’s the exact same gadget as the one I’m examining here.Product FeaturesWhat Does the Itzbeen Do?
The Itzbeen automates what brand-new moms and dads have actually been doing by hand for several years…tracking when their newborn did things. Secret functions consist of:
Track when infant’s diaper was last altered.
Track when infant last consumed.
Track when infant last slept or awakened.
Generic timer for tracking whatever you desire. We utilized this for tracking damp vs. poop diapers the very first week.

Breastfeeding side sign
Night light
Back lit screen
Optional alarms for each timer
Clip to hook to pocket, diaper bag, etc
3 Colors: Blue, Pink & GreenOur Favorite FeaturesWhat Functions Well?
The Itzbeen functions we utilize one of the most are the 4 timers and the nursing side sign. They deserve the expense of the gadget alone. My spouse’s preferred function is most likely the nursing side sign. It’s basic to utilize and extremely convenient.
The nightlight works for examining diapers in the dark of night. We likewise utilize the clock and value the back lit screen during the night. I do not believe we have actually utilized the alarm function yet.
The timer’s resilient too. I dropped ours in the parking area when and it still works fine.Suggested ImprovementsHow could the Itzbeen be much better?
The Itzbeen timer is a basic device that does whatever it requires and declares to do. We just discovered a couple truly small things to enhance.
When you push the button to trigger the backlit screen, the buttons illuminate for 3-4 seconds. In the dark of night they’re quite intense and I wish to turn them withdraw after a fast look at the timer. So I push the button once again…however that does not turn the back light off, it keeps it on for another 3 seconds. The backlit screen button need to be an on/off toggle like the nightlight button is.
My spouse recommended that when standing the timer on the nightstand, there need to be a method to angle it. She discovered it hard to look down and see the screen when nursing without selecting it up since it does not angle up. Because her hands are hectic holding the infant that can be annoying.Final ThoughtsThe Itzbeen is among those things that I began utilizing then smacked myself in the head for not creating it. It’s a big aid throughout the very first couple of weeks of your newborn’s life when the pediatrician desires a comprehensive log of the infant’s feedings and changings. You still need to keep in mind to press the button however that’s a lot simpler to solve at 3am in the dark than documenting times.
This is an useful, simple to utilize piece of infant equipment and it makes a best brand-new moms and dad gift.More Cool Infant Equipment…Get More Mileage From Your Infant’s Onesies With A Onesie Extender
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Every brand-new or anticipating moms and dad rapidly finds out that there are a great deal of infant equipment items out there…which the majority of them aren’t low-cost. Lots of infant items …About My Itzbeen ReviewDisclaimer
This evaluation is based entirely on my experience with the Itzbeen timer. I’m not connected with or sponsored by the item’s producer. I and HubPages may get a little commission from Amazon.com for any sales made through this site.Do you like the Itzbeen? How do you track feedings and diaper changings for your infant? Do you believe it’s required to track them? Please leave a remark listed below.

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