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Lola Is a Slutty Name

Lola for President? No, most likely not.Lola is a name with the undertone of exceedingly sexy.   From theater, to music, to animations, Lola appears to be a bit slutty. So, why would I make a page on this subject? Do I have an issue with the name Lola? Has one Lola polluted me versus all Lolas? No. I have no issue with the name Lola. I type of like it. I do not even understand any Lolas. However I do believe that Lola stimulates the image of a vamp, and I am a little worried with all the children being called Lola. Why put that on a kid? I believe Lola is more of a name to handle. If your character is Lola, then utilize it as your label, phase name, pen name. If you REQUIRED to call your kid Lola, make it a middle name – so if their character is Lola they can utilize it – if not they can make it ‘L’. Do you actually believe there will be a President Lola? Secretary of State Lola? etc.History of the Name LolaSo, What Does Lola Mean Anyhow?
According to Parenthood.com Lola indicates “Strong Female”.
Other sources, like ThinkBabyNames.com state that Lola is a derivative of Doloros, implying “griefs” – from Maria de los Dolores (the Virgin Mary, or Mary of the Grief).
Associated names are Louise, Charlotte, and Carol, Doloros, and Lolita (with just Lolita coming anywhere near to the sexy nature of Lola).Lola in Music – The Top 3 Lola SongsQuick…attempt to consider “Lola” in a song.Not hard, huh? That’s since it’s most likely been stuck in your head because you strike this page. Chances are it is among these 3 tunes:1) Copacabana – “Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl”2) Whatever Lola Wants – “Whatever Lola wantsLola gets And little male, little Lola desires you”3) Lola lo-lo-lo-lo Lola – “However Lola smiled and took me by the hand And stated dear kid Im gonna make you a guy” – (Even if Lola winds up being a guy, he was a slutty male. And, why do you believe he selected the name Lola?)Lola Montez: Slutty Lola Leader(February 17, 1821 – January 17, 1861)Lola Montez was an Irish-born dancer and starlet who ended up being popular as a stripper, courtesan and the girlfriend of King Ludwig I of Bavaria.Historian Michael Cannon states “In September 1855 she performed her sexual Spider Dance at the Theatre Royal in Melbourne, raising her skirts so high that the audience might see she used no underclothing at all. Next day the Argus roared that her efficiency was ‘entirely subversive to all concepts of public morality’. Decent households stopped to participate in the theatre, which started to reveal heavy losses.” (Melbourne After the Gold Rush, p.313-4).Your Viewpoint of "Lola"Is Lola an attractive and sexy name?Lola in CartoonLola BunnyEven in animation type, Lola is a little slutty. Warner Bros. Studios’ Lola Bunny is a female bunny in a romantic relationship with Bugs Bunny. She is certainly seductive.Lola Bunny can be seen in Area Jam.What do you think?How do you respond to the name Lola? Be truthful, and choose your gut. Do not over-think it, and do not attempt to be PC … it’s anonymous.FILM 050 – CINEMATIC NAMES: Searching For Lola – A College Course in LolaThe University of Pennsylvania really provides a course in “Lola”. This is the course description:Blue Angel – (1930)Marlene Dietrich had a sexy function as Lola Lola, the risque bar performer, in Joseph Sternberg’s Blue Angel, which at the time was scandalous.Video Clips of LolaWell, its no issue discovering slutty videos of Lolas on YouTube. Nevertheless, I will simply let you go browsing yourself, as I am am attempting to keep this clean.What do you consider Lola? Reputation for an infant? a canine? a tranny? Are you a Lola? Do you understand any expert Lolas? stripper Lolas? intoxicated old woman Lolas? lola lola lola

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