Constipation during Pregnancy Home Remedies and Natural Treatment

Constipation could cause nice discomfort throughout being pregnant particularly within the later trimesters. It is a quite common impact throughout being pregnant and generally there might be bleeding within the rectum because of the pressure exerted in passing the stool. Girls affected by constipation earlier than being pregnant should be additional cautious as issues can flip worse for them throughout being pregnant as they’ve an opportunity to develop piles or hemorrhoids. 


1. The feminine hormone progesterone is accountable for the irregular motion of the intestines. It slows down the capabilities of the gut which in flip absorbs giant quantities of water ensuing within the formation of exhausting stools.

2. The growing fetus enlarges the uterus which exerts strain on the gut slowing down the intestinal actions and inflicting constipation.

3. Some vitamin dietary supplements taken throughout being pregnant are additionally accountable for the constipation.

4. Lack of urge for food and consuming lesser quantity of meals within the first trimester of being pregnant could cause constipation.

5. Delaying to defecate in being pregnant can result in constipation.


Easy pure dwelling cures are very efficient in relieving the difficulty of constipation. Seldom has it demanded additional medicines, but when the bleeding throughout passing of stools persists then one may have skilled recommendation.

1. Altering the food regimen and the life-style is the primary facet to get reduction from constipation. Inclusion of fiber wealthy meals like inexperienced greens, entire grains, cereals and pulses improves the bowel actions.

2. Fried and oily meals should be averted strictly to scale back constipation issues.

3. Fruits like banana, oranges, grapes, melons and mango additionally assist in coping with constipation issues as they’re juicy and wealthy in fiber.

4. Loads of fluids are required to forestall dehydration and it additionally helps within the easy bowel motion.

5. Exercising, strolling helps within the full digestion of meals stopping acidity and heartburns (which additionally accompanies constipation) and evacuates the rectum utterly.

6. Psyllium husks, plantain seeds if taken usually relieves of constipation.

7. Papaya comprises peptic acid and is an excellent dwelling treatment for good bowel motion.

8. Ginger tea can be very useful in treating constipation throughout being pregnant.

Some helpful don’ts

1. One should not use medication to deal with constipation with out physician’s recommendation, as some medication might trigger hurt to the newborn within the womb.

2. Ingesting colas, carbonated drinks should e averted.

3. Castor oil and aloe vera oil, Triphala are pure purgatives however these should be averted to treatment constipation as these might make the newborn hyperactive within the womb.

Other than sustaining the above tips, it’s higher to make a behavior to hold water bottle at all times and take gulps of water ceaselessly.

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