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  • Sep 27,2019
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Can I Use it Expired Formula and Baby Rice Cereal and Food

Ended Child FoodI am a Mother of 5 kids, 2 of whom are twins that are 9 months old. Through having 5 infants at different time in my life, I have actually had lots of celebrations where I have actually had actually ended formula or infant food. I have actually questioned “Is it OKAY to utilize it.” Apparently canned food is OKAY past it’s expiration date. Even some dry products and rattled foods are OKAY to consume past the expiration dates. So I called Gerber and inquired. I was informed that infant food is still great past the expiration date, however it loses it’s dietary worth if provided to your infant past the expiration. To me, that was a no due to the fact that the entire point of providing jarred infant food is to get the nutrition of the fruit or vegetables.Is Ended Child Solution OK to Offer To my BabyWhen I asked Gerber if ended infant formula or rice cereal was OKAY to provide to a child past the expiration date they stated, “No.” Due to the fact that formula/milk is the structure of a child’s diet plan, you do not wish to lessen any possibility of the crucial minerals and vitamins a child requires for correct advancement.
Gerber did state rice cereal was OKAY to be utilized after the expiration date, however I informed the exact same thing as the jarred food. “It loses it’s dietary worth after the expiration date.” I have actually purchased rice cereal that was close to being ended, the distinction of a couple months and it didn’t even smell great. After I blended it with liquid it smelt even worse. I tossed it out.

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